Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday everyone!

Can't believe it's the end of June already! Don't know about you, but this summer is just scootin' by and I feel like I haven't gotten enough fun stuff in yet. I've finally gotten my scrappin' mojo back that's been lagging for so long and I have some time to get creative these next couple weeks while the kids are away in Texas. It's so quiet around here -- almost eerie! However - I'm enjoying the ability to start a task and actually carry it out to completion. Wow... almost unheard of eh? Anyhow, these 2 pages were completed using Creating Keepsakes "Finish 5 Projects Today" -- and they weren't kidding! I actually went to my friend's house with certain pictures and papers that I had already picked out, some of which were precut before I went to her house, and in less than 4 hours, I had created 5 pages! I was SO excited! I didn't get the cards done that were also a part of the CK article, but I was thrilled just to get some scrappin' done. It's really hard to see the detail in these pages, but the papers are all layered and different - very cool. Hope your week has started out smoothly and that things are quiet and productive for you in your little corner of the world. Hugs - Brenda

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Melissa said...

hey gal! Good job on getting some pages done. I sooo need to get some done. Be sure to be posting on the Mosy board. Got to have 25 posts to enter the get with it! :)

Love ya and will write more on myspace tomarrow!