Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday! my bro's birthday was this last Saturday and I made him this card. What d'ya think? It really is prettier IRL than it is here, but I love the papers together. I stamped the happy birthday and put some Bella's Baubles underneath - love those things. They're rather addictive. Below that tag is another round tag that's inked around the edges. Very simple, but effective nonetheless for a guy. I just hope he appreciates the effort I put into it :) It is SO hot here! We have consistently been in the upper 90s for most of July and everything is beginning to get crispy @ here. I think I could be ready for rain and I never thought I'd say that after the spring that we had. I thought we were going to have to build an ark! Well...hope you're able to find some relief where you are. I've got another cute card to show and will try to get on here tomorrow to post that. Have a most wonderful Wednesday - it's hump day!!! Hugs - Brenda

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ham4Him said...

This card is awesome, he will love it! You do great things!! I love the baubbles you gave me, they are so fun. Thanks again sweetie.
Love Ya,