Monday, July 7, 2008

Time 4 School

Happy Monday! I've had the best day with my honey - we went fishing and laughed and cut up just like kids! We had modest luck (caught one fish, but pretty good sized!) so that made the day all the more worthwhile. We're really enjoying this time with the kids at the grandparents', even tho' we miss them terribly. It's been a great time of reconnecting with each other and just enjoying being together again without all the interruptions. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, as they say :) This page is one I've had made for a week or so, but hadn't shared yet. These are last year's 1st-day-of-school pics and my how they've grown since then. Not only in height and build, but in personality. It's like they're totally different kids from this time last year. Time is going too fast, I have to admit. Before I know it, we'll be fending off the boys and girls and worrying about all that hullabaloo. In the meantime, we're just looking forward to them coming home and being able to enjoy them in this stage of their life RIGHT NOW. Have a wonderful evening and I'll talk at ya soon! Hugs - Brenda


Jena said...

Great LO - love the circle with the 3 of them and then their individual pics - have a great week!

~Nancy~ said...

Such a fun page Brenda.. I agree with Jena.. the circle is awesome!!!!! And love your use of multiple pics too! Thanks for sharing! XOXO