Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi Friend!

Did ya hear that? It's the sounds of ecstatic yippees as the end of summer vacation comes to an end! Not trying to be cruel - I DO love my kids - it's just the lack of activity and boredom, constantly hanging around mom and dad, looking to us to entertain them that's driving me nuts. I'm ready for them to be on a schedule again and back into a routine. OK... now that I've said that, I'm so glad you stopped by :) Here's my latest and greatest creation - it's all Cosmo Cricket and I'M LOVIN IT!!! Aren't these papers just darling? I used my Daisy D's rolling dispenser that applies a faux stitching b/c my sewing machine doesn't really want to work right, so I was pleased with the outcome. Lovin' these papers!! Hope your week is going well - enjoy your day and hopefully you have time to create something fun. Hugs - Brenda


~Nancy~ said...

Your card turned out so cute Brenda!! And yeah.. these papers are sooo yummie!

Melissa said...

So cute Brenda! Have your kids gone back to school yet? Ours started back today, and let me tell ya I am excieted! Love ya~