Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's almost Friday - woo hoo!!! Has this week flown or what? I haven't been able to do much creating, but hey I still have some projects to share from this last weekend. Here's a simple little card I created using stamps from The butterfly is coated with clear glitter, even though it's hard to see, and is much prettier IRL. All of the papers I used were from my scrap pile, which always makes me feel good to use. Other than that, "thanks" is a rub-on and the rest is very simply layered. Gets the point across well I think!

Have you ever done the Turbo Jam workouts? They're available on and they're killer, but at the same time a blast to do. I ordered them on a whim from an infomercial 2 or 3 years ago and managed to lose quite a bit and tone up. Then with moving to WY and life getting in the way, a few pounds crept on, so we decided to try the workouts/diet again. Through workout and cutting back on all the food I'd been eating, I've managed to get lower in my weight than I've been in probably 12 years. It's such a great feeling to be getting in shape again - my clothes are finally starting to fit right again :)

Well - hope your day is smooth sailing. Keep your chin up - Friday is just around the corner. Hugs! Brenda

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~Nancy~ said...

Such a cute card Brenda!! AWESOME! Enjoy your weekend! XOXO