Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Day

No...we didn't have a snow day today, and we really haven't had too many this winter. I just keep thinking one of these days we're going to get pounded! But...until then, we'll just continue to enjoy this "balmy" winter weather we're having :) Today it was sunny, but then sometime after 2:00 or so, the wind picked up and then it was a little blustery. It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Weird.

Anyway, had fun creating this page. It was for a challenge I have with my scrappy chicks (hey girls!) and our challenge this month was to create a page with blue. Cool! I knew I wanted to do something with all the snow pictures I have, just wasn't sure 'til I got in there and got my hands dirty, so to speak. The papers are all CTMH. Letters are fuzzy Thickers, stamp is one I got from Backporch Memories and the ribbon and buttons are from my stash. Oh yeah - the really cool snowflakes are felt and they're from SU. Lovin those!

Well, here we are on the weekend again. Wow! Tomorrow is already February. Pretty soon we'll be seeing red and pink. Until then, take care and I'll "see" ya soon! Brenda

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In honor of love...

My day started off so strangely! As you may or may not be aware, I am a medical transcriptionist. I start my day really early and end before my kids get home so I can find some time to be creative. Well, my day started out with one strange dictator after another, until I was so frustrated! I hate it when I can't make heads or tails of what they're saying and frankly, don't you think they'd want to speak CLEARLY so their reports would be correct? I would think so... Anyway, the kids wouldn't get up and once they did get up, they moved like turtles. I'm surprised they made it to school on time! Geesh... Then it was one thing after another here at the house with our building project. Craziness! I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Thankfully, the sun is out and I'm about to get creative with some scrappin' or something, otherwise I might just indulge myself and go back to bed! This card is one I've actually had in my "archives" - just forgot to share it with you. It's fairly simple and straightforward. The "U" is chipboard that has been colored with stamping ink and then coated with lots of glitter - it's so shiny! The red piece of c/s is embossed with my Cuttlebug and the other little embellishments are acrylic stick-ons. Lovin' the simplicity of it. Hope your day is going good and if not, hopefully it gets better soon. Blessings! Brenda

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Happy Wednesday! The sun is shining here in my little corner of the world, but it sure is windy - brrrr!!!! I spent time fixing my hair today and making sure it was all in place and then stepped outside. OK...why did I bother I ask myself? Hmmm... At least it's warmer than yesterday. The kids got up to -21 degrees yesterday morning.
This page is one I made using some Love Elsie elements (buttons across the bottom, printed paper). I'm lovin' it! It was a blast to make. I love to work with things I've already got on hand and these are papers and embellies I've had for over a year now, just sitting in my stash waiting to be used.
I need to get on the ball and get some V-day things worked up. I'll have some more fun things to show you later this week. Take care and have a wonderful, blessed day! B

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stamp Club Projects

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. Mine of course was harried and crazy, what with all the house building activities, so I have to say I'm glad it's Friday; another week down and closer to having our "home" completed! I started a stamping club at my house and last night was our first meeting. I decided it would be fun to create 2 pages each time we meet, so that by the end of our year-long commitment, we will have created a year's worth of pictures, thus completing a mini album. Good idea? I think it is and my friends all had a great time creating and just visiting with each other. Love having my friends over to do the thing we all love - scrappin! So, all the supplies are CTMH. I do have to apologize for the quality of the pictures - it's a dreary, cloudy day today and a little dark in my office. Let me know what you think. Hey - have a great weekend and I'll talk at ya soon! Brenda

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Hi! How is your week going? Well, as usual, the week has passed by in a whizz, but not without lots of things going on pulling me in all kinds of directions, today included. We are continuing on with our building project and it's getting close...very close to being done. However, I was in charge of bringing home breaker boxes and of COURSE I brought home the wrong ones - an electrical engineer I am not! Anyway, after 2 trips, I was only 50% successful, still bringing home some wrong ones. *sigh* I told the builder "It's your turn, you need to go get them otherwise I may continue on doing the same thing". Geesh - talk about feeling incompetent!
On a brighter note - lovin' this card! It was so much fun to make. Very easy, yet some really neat techniques. All products are CTMH except for the chipboard and baubles, which are from my personal stash. So what do you think...likey? Leave me some love! I go to get some other things done. Have a great Thursday! Brenda

Friday, January 9, 2009

Missing You

Wow - Friday already! Can you believe we've whizzed through another week? It's already the second week of January and there's no end in sight for the whirlwind. The first week back in school was pretty uneventful, but it did afford me some time to get a couple cards made. This little beauty is created using an example from the CTMH "Originals" book. There are some beautiful creations in that book - you should check it out. If you don't know how to get your hands on it, just drop me a comment and I can hook you up :) Anyway, the card I patterned this after was stitched around the edges, and since my little sewing machine isn't working right, I scored around the edges. One of the things I love most about CTMH papers is the fact they have a white core, so after I made my score lines, I sanded with a bit of sandpaper and voila - the white outline. The rest is pretty straightforward - layered papers and ribbon with a tiny paper flower in the center, along with red brads. I love it. Simple, yet still so many fun elements. Hope you enjoy your weekend - I'll be trying to get creative some more and maybe even get another post on here before the weekend is up. See you soon - Bren

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You're A Star!

Here's a sweet little card I made for my bro-in-law whose birthday is today - happy birthday Danny! Isn't it the cutest card I've made this year? Ha - got ya on that one! It IS the first card I've made this year :) Anyway, it's made entirely with CTMH papers. The faux stitching around the edges, "you're a star" and the star itself are all CTMH stamps. I had a blast with this one - it really is very simple, yet the layering makes it look so much more complex than it really is. I hope he appreciates the work I went to to create this one :)
The weather here is awesome - once the wind finally stopped blowing that is. The sun is shining and there is only a mild breeze out there now. It's great - hard to believe it's January and winter at that! I still keep wondering if there's any sizeable amount of snow that's going to fall on us soon - my hubby seems to think so.
Well - happy hump day! Have a wonderful evening. I'll be posting more over the next few days. Thanks for stopping by :) Brenda

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Happy new year all my friends!!! I'm sorry for the great delay in getting something on here, but honestly this is the first I've been able to be creative for about a month. It's been one hectic month and truthfully, I'm glad December is over and we're on to a new month and new year. I believe we have many wonderful things in store for us in 2009 so here's to all the best for all of you :) I found these pictures on my hubby's desk, buried under some other junk and decided hey - if I don't scrap these pics they'll get damaged or lost somewhere. So honey - here's to you and your love for the outdoors and all things "legendary". You're the best and thanks so much for providing for our family and taking care of us so very well!
The papers are basically some I've had in my collection - Bazzill mostly (except for the plaid). The letters are rub-ons and the stitches are stamped with CTMH stamps. Pretty easy and straightforward, but accomplished what I was trying to get across. BTW, the layout is from the Pagemaps book by Becky Fleck - a most wonderful book!!
Thanks for stopping by - I'm off to get going on my next project. Hugs! Brenda