Saturday, April 11, 2009


Dodge! He's our 2-year-old Greyhound that we adopted in Colorado this past weekend. Is he sweet or what? His personality is just as sweet and he loves to give kisses. In fact, if he hasn't seen you for a bit, he'll give you a "smile". In all actuality, it looks as if he's baring his teeth in anger, but he is smiling, and I've heard this is a Greyhound trait. He gets so excited his whole 90-pound body wags right along with his tail. He's a love bug. He is a retired racer and as you may or may not know, these dogs are basically retired and that is that...they are left with greyhound adoption agencies in hopes they'll find a loving home. It's heartbreaking to leave all the others behind, but one is good for now. I think we're Greyhound spoiled now for the rest of our lives.
Hey - hope you have a wonderful Easter. Hallelujah - He has risen!! Blessings - Brenda

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ham4Him said...

Dodge, welcome to Wyoming! Thanks for the pic Brenda. So glad he is fitting into your sweet family.