Saturday, May 9, 2009


Good Saturday to you! It's been a hectic few weeks here at our home, what with trying to finish up what the contractor didn't (*ugh*) and getting ready for my trip to Texas, which has already been a week ago. Time sure flies.
I had my annual doctor's appointments in Amarillo and they all went well, as far as I know. The physical exams were normal and I'm just waiting to hear if anything was up with my blood work and mammogram. I can now stand up and proudly proclaim that I am nearly 8 years out from my diagnosis and cancer FREE!!! Woo hoo - now that's something to be excited about!
Of course...I can't go for my doctor's appointments w/out working in a little scrapbook time with "the girls". We had our annual scrapbook retreat at the Holiday Inn in Amarillo and it was a blast! I managed to get 22 pages done and I'm tickled pink about that! Here is the very first page I worked on - about our new doggy, Dodge. Thanks to my sweet friend, Stacey, I put together "page packs" - photos, papers, embellies, etc. - everything to put together a 1 or 2 page layout. All of it is placed in a nice large plastic bag and so when you go to put together your scrapbook layout, everything is there that you need. It's an awesome way to scrap and makes for a very productive time. 22 PAGES! That's awesome for 2 days!
Hope all is well in your little part of the world. Hey - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my sweet girlfriends!! Hugs - Brenda


Brandi said...

Great Page Brenda! It was great to see you! Had a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

Kristii said...

What an awesome layout Brenda!!!! 22 pages???? I need to come scrap with you!!! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!