Monday, June 15, 2009


Happy June 15th - one week to go and it'll be summer already! We're in full swing around here w/ projects, little classes the girls are taking, summer school fun for our son, and enjoying the freedom of not "having" to work on our house anymore. We closed last week and we've never been so glad to have "nothing" to do! Whew...huge sighs of relief. The only thing we absolutely must do is finish the little bit of trim we didn't get done and that has to be done by Friday.
Here's another page I created while on my trip more than a month ago now. It's when Saige was in the Nutcracker Suite musical at school and it was so much fun...and so sweet. I love the color combo and simple layout of this page. The pictures were what I really wanted to showcase and I'm pleased with the outcome. The colors are so NOT winter and it just makes for a candy-ish feel to the page.
Hope your summer is shaping up to be fun. This weekend we are headed to Cody and Powell to drop Bailee at band camp -she's so excited and we think it'll be a great time for her to learn more about clarinet and fine tuning that for 7th grade - yikes!!! 7th grade??? Have a great evening!


Brandi said...

Great page! Glad to hear from you! Glad you got the house done. I know what a relief that is. Can't believe it's been over a month already since we saw each other. Have a great summer!
Love - Brandi

Marie Levite said...

Love your page. The big parenthesis are awesome. Enjoy summer vacation and congrats on getting the house done.

ham4Him said...

Very nice page, as always! So do you mind if I just case it?? You are awesome!! Have fun at band camp Bailey!
Love ya,