Friday, July 10, 2009

We're Flying?

Happy Friday!! Hope your week has gone well. We had a fabulous 4th of July with blowing off $80 worth of fireworks, which really got my goat when I had to pay for them, but then when my son says to me "Mom, thanks for making this the best 4th of July ever!", I think to myself "OK, I guess it was worth it!". The weather was kinda weird, lots of afternoon thunderstorms and the like, even some hail, but that evening we stayed up until midnight (a rarity for the kids) and had a blast as a family. How bout you? Any fun stories to share?
There is a funny story behind this page. We were invited to go back to Texas for my mother-in-law's recognition at Wayland Baptist University. Can you believe she's been a professor for 40 years???!!! Wow - I can't imagine doing something for that long! Anyway, we usually drive, but this time we flew from Denver. We didn't tell the kids we were flying, as we wanted to surprise see, this would be the 1st time they had never flown and would be ecstatic at this most awesome surprise. We got to my husband's cousin's house (that's a mouthful) and hung out for awhile, the kids all the time thinking we were about to hit the road again for the rest of the long drive to Texas. Well, Saige comes to me and says "Mom, we've been here awhile, are we about to leave?" to which I replied "we'll be leaving here in just a minute or 2", chuckling to myself and getting excited myself at popping this one on them. We lined them up on the couch and told them we were going to fly back to Amarillo and these are the expressions we captured. Priceless! They loved their flight. Kade was a bit freaked out after taking off, but had fun and smiled a lot anyway.
Well, hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those simple moments in your lives. Smiles and hugs! Brenda


ham4Him said...

I love that you told them when you could get pics. I would have probably told them as we pulled up to the airport and not gotten a picture to scrap. Nice page!

ham4Him said...

Post that Grand Champion page again!!! I am so happy for you. Told you it was a great page!!! Congrats!!