Monday, August 31, 2009

Another week...

Here we go, another Monday and closer to fall and winter. Fall sounds OK, just not too excited about winter yet. I'm sure once the temps start cooling down and it is more fallish, I'll be more in the mood. I guess it just never got hot enough around here this summer to feel much like summer. We had a lot of rain and wierd weather...a couple of really good hail storms and then it was cloudy or just plain cool in the afternoons. Truly different from past years, but hey - that's Wyoming!
Here's a page I created of Bailee when she was on her swim team last year. I LOVE this pic of her sitting on the diving board - so young-ladyish. Ugh...getting closer to 13 everyday. This was created using an SU! simply scrappin kit. It went together very easily and didn't have to do too much to it except cut and stick things here and there.
Hope you have a great day! The kids are settling into school quite nicely, so hopefully we'll all have good years this year! Blessings - Brenda

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day 2009

Happy 1st day of school (at least to a lot of you)! The girls were so excited to go back that they could hardly sleep last night or eat breakfast this morning. Kade, on the other hand, not so excited. When he found out who his teacher was going to be, he had not-so-fond memories of her from last year, for whatever reason, and just plain dreaded this day. We just hope for the best, that he'll be HIS BEST and impress the teacher and maybe, just maybe she'll be someone different than he remembers encountering. Our fingers are crossed :) I hope your day is awesome - whether you have kids starting school, whether they've already started or whether your kids are grown and gone. May God's face shine on you today! Blessings and hugs - Brenda

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Feeling Inspired Today

Hello! How has everyone's week been? Ours has gone fast and furiously and I can honestly say that I think my kids are ready to go back to school, which is tomorrow. They were between computer and Wii all week, with looks of boredom mixed in between. This morning we've all been busy getting rooms cleaned and clothes put out for tomorrow...we're all ready, well I guess we're ALL ready...they are at least :)
Along with getting the not-so-fun tasks taken care of, I felt inspired and made a couple cards. Here's one I created without any stamps, just some little pieces I had laying around. I'm lovin how it turned out and can think of a few people that I would love to send it to. I have some awesome friends who inspire me and push me on to do greater things and for that - I say thanks!!!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings! Bren

Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is good!

Wow - it's already the middle of August...I wish time would slow down a bit. A week from today and school starts. I can honestly say I'm not ready for my kiddos to go back. We've had a great summer - nothing much to report that we did, just enjoying being in our house without having to worry about building deadlines, etc.
This card was made using CTMH stamps and some more leftovers from my scrap basket. I love the way it turned out. Very simple - not too overloaded with stuff like I tend to do. Just perfect. What'dya think?
Hope your week goes well. Enjoy those last few days of summer before the hectic-ness of life settles in with school sports, activities, etc. Hugs! Brenda

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good advice

I made this card for my sis-in-law to not only have a happy b-day, but also to remember to laugh, and laugh loud! I especially don't remember to do this often and need to be reminded :)
I decided my scrap basket was too full and I needed to use some of the beautiful papers in it, so I created this card completely from leftovers. I highlighted some of the pieces with Stickles and the black leaves turned out to be almost copper - hard to tell from the pic, but really pretty.
So today, I hope you remember to laugh and do it loudly - with JOY!
Hugs - Brenda

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello...sorry for the silence

Happy Wednesday - it's hump day! Wow, you were probably wondering whatever happened to that Brenda girl? Well, first off we've been pretty busy, but secondly we had a lightning storm that knocked out our network card and router, so we had to order the network card since our internet provider didn't have the one we needed. We've been off-line on our personal computer for almost 2 weeks. Yikes! That's painful...
I have managed to create some cards and even some scrapbook pages in the last few weeks, tho, so it hasn't all been in vain. This card was made especially for a couple that got married last week and it was made using all scraps I had in my basket. I used some solid colors on the top portion of the card that I ran through the Cuttlebug and the bottom portion is just some pretty patterned paper. I strategically placed some flowers and bling-bling and stamped the simple message on an oval. I love how it turned out and hopefully the lucky couple loved it as well.
I'll have some more things over the next few days to show, so please check back and leave me some love! Hugs - Brenda