Sunday, August 23, 2009

Feeling Inspired Today

Hello! How has everyone's week been? Ours has gone fast and furiously and I can honestly say that I think my kids are ready to go back to school, which is tomorrow. They were between computer and Wii all week, with looks of boredom mixed in between. This morning we've all been busy getting rooms cleaned and clothes put out for tomorrow...we're all ready, well I guess we're ALL ready...they are at least :)
Along with getting the not-so-fun tasks taken care of, I felt inspired and made a couple cards. Here's one I created without any stamps, just some little pieces I had laying around. I'm lovin how it turned out and can think of a few people that I would love to send it to. I have some awesome friends who inspire me and push me on to do greater things and for that - I say thanks!!!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings! Bren

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Marie Levite said...

Hi Brenda-Your blog and your card look great!