Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coffee and Friends

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry for the silence - too wrapped up in other activities, one of which was nursing myself back to health. Ick...this flu season has come early and hit hard! I was really the only person to get the crud, but the kids have struggled with colds and low-grade fevers. So glad to be on the mend and getting around to the "fun" things in life :)
This card was created once again using Unity stamps and some warm, fall colors to create a sense of sitting around enjoying a good cup of joe and conversation with a friend - love it! I think I'll go have a cup now! Hope your week is going well and that you're healthy whereever you are. Hugs - Brenda

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weird huh?

October 4 and 5 - 10-12 inches of snow is so weird for me!!! What? It's supposed to be fall NOT winter! Nonetheless, it was so pretty and serene. The trees were so heavy with wet snow, though, that we had quite a few branches, and rather large ones at that, that broke under the weight. Before our son's bus could come down our driveway yesterday morning, we had to clear it out so you could at least get to our house. So...how's the weather where you are? I'll bet you're experiencing some of those beautiful fall days we sort of skipped over. The snow today is melting and the sun is shining, so I'll bet it won't be here for long, but there's more in the forecast. Ugh. Have a glorious day! Brenda