Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Saturday

Hey everyone - how's it going? I can't believe we are almost halfway through December and what a terrible blogger I've been. I just looked back to see I haven't put anything on here since November - ugh! So sorry for the lack of commitment I have here. I CAN say I've been busy creating projects for family members for Christmas, so it's not like I've not been doing anything :) This little house is for my mom. She loves to entertain and I thought this would be a great little piece of artwork to set on an end table or entertainment center so that she could welcome her friends and visitors to her home. Love it! I covered the house with one paper and then created a "roof line" with a different paper, scalloping the edges and applying little clear embellishments on top of the scallops. The flowers are assorted from my collection, each with a different center. The twigs are from our front yard, so a bit of Wyoming will be making its way to Texas - LOL. Hope you're enjoying the season and taking a bit of time for yourself - and to remember the most important reason for the season...JESUS! Blessings and hugs - Brenda