Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Monday everyone! How's your week starting off so far? Everything going well around here except had a child home today b/c she had a bad case of hives on her legs, wrists, and back yesterday, which warranted a trip to the ER. Poor Sweet Saige. She's better today tho, so shaping up to be a better day for sure.
Bailee had her Valentine dance at school a week ago and she sure looked gorgeous. I did a new haircut on her and painted her toes and fingers...she did the rest. Doesn't she look beautiful. Wow - so grown up. They were having a good time I guess until some boys (including the 8th grade class president) brought in some alcohol and decided to drink it during the dance. Ended up not so much fun, which is a bummer, as this was something they were all looking forward to.
Me, I'm still plugging away in cosmetology school and now only have 4 more months to go!!! YAY!!! So ready to be done and out there doing what I've really had a passion for for so long. I'll keep you advised as time winds down.
Hope ya'll have a great day and week. Blessings, Brenda

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WHAT?? Twice in one week you say?

Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to share with ya'll another layout (this time a 2-pager) that I completed yesterday. The pictures are actually from the year before last and we all decided it would be fun to do "scared silly" pictures. I love these pics - it's funny to me how each person has an altogether different expression. I love my family! Hope your week is going well. Hugs :) Brenda