Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WHAT?? Twice in one week you say?

Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to share with ya'll another layout (this time a 2-pager) that I completed yesterday. The pictures are actually from the year before last and we all decided it would be fun to do "scared silly" pictures. I love these pics - it's funny to me how each person has an altogether different expression. I love my family! Hope your week is going well. Hugs :) Brenda


ham4Him said...

Great pages my friend!! Love and must copy them!!

Stacey Hutson said...

WoohOOhoooo!!! Your on a roll!!! LOve the pages!

Jena said...

Fun! I have loved both layouts - I must say I was shocked when I was scrolling through my blog roll and saw that you had posted something new - what a treat to see two new posts ;-) Good luck in your new adventure and glad to see you got a little paper time in!